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Any products you receive in a shipment from Diamond that are not in salable condition as a result of breakage, rips and tears, or other non-subjective defects. (Items are not categorized as Damages according to the standard grading terms collectors use, since such grades are too subjective and vary from person to person.) If you receive a Damaged item in your shipment, you must notify your Retailer Services/Inside Sales Rep within 24 hours of receipt so that Diamond can locate a Replacement Copy for you as quickly as possible. (The only exceptions to this rule are statues, in which case you have up to seven days to report any Damaged product.) Please Note: Diamond reserves the right to deny replacements or credits for Shortages and Damages that are reported more than 24 hours after receipt of shipment.

In all properly reported cases of Damages, a Credit memo will be issued on your next available invoice. Once a Replacement has been located and shipped, you will then be billed for the replacement. Please Note: Diamond is not responsible for Damages caused by the carrier, though your Retailer Services Representative will obviously work with you in replacing Damaged goods to minimize your loss of sales and inconvenience. Please see the entry for Replacements for additional details about reporting Damages.  It is important to hold onto your damages as every four weeks you will receive a Customized Damage Return Form with instructions to destroy them or return them. You are encouraged to check your weekly Invoice for the notification that "YOUR DAMAGE RETURN FORM SHOULD BE IN THIS WEEK'S SHIPMENT." The notification will appear at the top of your Invoice immediately following the Order Status Report, accompanied by ARS labels to facilitate returns. (Please Note: If for some reason you do not receive this form, please contact your Retailer Services Representative immediately.)

To report damages, please check your shipment to be sure that:

• You have the correct number of boxes.

• The exterior of each box has no visible damage. (If there is damage, please note it in writing before signing for your shipment.

• Each label on your shipment contains your correct store name, address, and 5-digit customer number (represented as 00000 in the examples below). This information can appear in different locations on the sticker, depending on whether your shipment is delivered by UPS or non-UPS carrier, as shown in the examples below.

• If damages do exist, please submit photos of both the interior and exterior of the box(es). Exterior photos need to include the Diamond shipping label for identification purposes.

Dark Horse Dispatch

A mass Vendor Email, normally sent Tuesdays by Diamond to retailers from Dark Horse Comics, describing upcoming products, current promotions, sales, specials, product updates and other timely news. Each week’s edition is accompanied by a text file containing a customized Final Order Cut-off (FOC) attachment reflecting titles from the vendor that are on FOC on the following Monday. The attachment reflects quantities you have already ordered of these titles, when applicable, which helps guide you in adjusting your order before the cut-off. You can elect to receive or decline this mailing by visiting the Preferences page of Diamond’s Retailer Services Website.

Day-Early Delivery

Through the cooperation and flexibility of the comic industry’s leading publishers, and feedback from specific customers and the retail community as a whole, Diamond is able to offer you the option of Day-Early Delivery. Through this program, U.S. and Canadian brick-&-mortar, mail order, and Internet comic shops may elect to receive their weekly shipments on Tuesdays, rather than on the Uniform Wednesday Release Date for new comics. Day-Early Delivery helps reduce the stress of new release day by allowing you more time to time to check in your shipments, process in-store subscriptions, merchandise your stores, familiarize yourself with new comics, send marketing messages to customers, interact more with customers on new release day, and perform other necessary tasks that can enhance sales. Participating retailers pay a small weekly fee of $4, which goes towards the cost of monitoring compliance with the program via undercover shoppers contracted under a third party. (Please Note: This fee is not refundable due to carrier delays and/or weather.) Retailers participate with the understanding that no Day-Early Delivery titles are to be placed out for sale until the Uniform Wednesday Release Date for new comics. Participants who violate this agreement face a one-month suspension of Day-Early Delivery privileges for the first offense, a three-month suspension of privileges for the second offense, and suspension for an indefinite period for the third offense. For more details and to sign up for Day-Early Delivery, download and complete the Day Early Delivery Election Form, available as a PDF from the Terms of Sale/Diamond Info page of Diamond’s Retailer Services Website, or contact your Diamond Retailer Services Representative.

Day-Early Delivery Street Date Violation Form

A template on Diamond’s Retailer Services Website that assists retailers in Diamond’s Day-Early Delivery Program with reporting potential Street Date violations by other retailers in the program. Retailers can use the template to enter information about their store and the store suspected of committing the violation. Those filing the complaint are also asked to submit documentation of the offense to a dedicated email violation@diamondcomics.com – that is also provided on the template. There is also space for customers to provide additional comments. If, upon investigation – sometimes through the use of a Mystery Shopper who collects firsthand evidence – Diamond determines that a violation has occurred, the offending retailer will be subject to suspension. Please Note: Retailers who are confirmed to be making false accusations of street date violations against fellow Day-Early Delivery program participants are also subject to the same penalties.

Deadline for Returns

The specific date by which Authorized Returns must arrive at the Olive Branch Distribution Center in order for you to receive credit. The deadline for each item is listed next to the title on the Authorized Returns Form.


A Deposit is sometimes used as a means by which a customer may obtain payment terms other than Prepay. The Deposit is reflected on the customer’s account. At six-month intervals, the customer may request a review of his account to determine if better payment terms are warranted. If better terms are granted, any remaining Deposit balance will be deducted from the customer’s future weekly invoicing until the balance is depleted.

Diamond Book Distributors (DBD)

A division of Diamond Comic Distributors whose goal is to make a wide selection of graphic novels, anime, gaming, collectible toys and other pop-culture merchandise available to the mainstream retail book market. In addition to serving as the exclusive distributor to mainstream stores for numerous publishers, DBD also supports several comic-based initiatives nationally in schools and libraries.

Diamond Clarity

A monthly e-newsletter sent to Diamond vendors that communicates valuable information regarding Diamond’s vendor and marketing services, upcoming deadlines, and more.

Diamond Comic Distributors, U.K.

Diamond’s British counterpart, located in Runcorn, Cheshire, England.

Diamond Daily

Diamond’s daily e-newsletter, which features up-to-date information on everything from Industry News to Diamond News. Regular columns include Retail Beat and Product News.

Diamond International Galleries

A Diamond sister company that buys and sells vintage comics, original comic art, posters, animation cels and backgrounds, drawings, oils, antique toys and other high-end collectibles and memorabilia.

Diamond Item Code

See Item Code.


The gateway to Diamond’s Internet sites, which offer retailers, vendors and consumers with Internet capability a wide range of informative features and tools including the password-protected Retailer Services Website, PREVIEWSWorld.com, PREVIEWS Adult PDF & text files, “Shipping This Week and “Shipping Next Week lists, archived PREVIEWS Specialty Catalogs and Order Forms, in-stock lists for the PREVIEWS Backlist Service (updated weekly) and more.

Diamond Select Toys & Collectibles (DST)

Founded in 1999 to create unique and exciting collectibles from a variety of pop culture properties, Diamond Select’s flagship brand is Minimates, which have been recognized as the #1 selling block figure in the world and was the first toy ever to be inducted into the ToyFare Hall of Fame. With partners such as Marvel Enterprises, Microsoft, Universal Studios, Twentieth Century Fox, Hasbro, MGM and Sony Pictures, Diamond Select Toys and Collectibles produces a large range of products based on a wide variety of properties.

Diamond Tools

The Diamond Tools section of Diamond's Retailer Services Website gives retailers various tools, files, and resources regarding Diamond sponsored programs and promotions. The left-hand menu on the Retailer site gives the following options:

  • Social Media —Banners for use on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, plus an animated monthly PREVIEWS ad (.gif file).
  • Online ToolsPREVIEWS cover graphics, downloads of PREVIEWS Adult, the Kids Comics Order Form, PREVIEWS Gift Guides, Diamond Bookshelf Magazine, and other useful tools (including the annual Diamond Calendar).
  • VideosPREVIEWSworld Weekly videos, Monthly PREVIEWS catalog videos, the “How to Use PREVIEWS” animated video and “How to Use PREVIEWSworld” instructional video.
  • Print Downloads — Weekly Tools (including lists of New Releases & Shipping Next Week and the PREVIEWS Customer Short Order Form); PREVIEWS Product Spotlight Shelf Talkers & Header Cards (including Gem of the Month, Featured Item, Certified Cool and Staff Picks); and PREVIEWS Monthly Themes (including Shelf Talkers, Header Cards and Mini-posters for each month’s theme).
  • Free Comic Book Day — PR & Media Points (Tips on Getting Press Coverage, FCBD Press Release & Event Calendar Listing, Talking Points); Logos; Promo Materials; Cover & Profile Photos; Web Ads; and Publisher-provided Social Media Graphics to help participating stores promote one of the industry’s biggest annual events.
  • Halloween ComicFest — Resource Center (Press Releases for targeting general audiences and kids, Talking Points, Event Calendar Listing, Press Tips, Proclamation Resolution to share with local government); Logos; Social Media Tools; Digital Ads; and Promotional Tools to attract customers into your store during this spook-tacular sales season.
  • Sell Sheet Generator — This versatile tool allows you to create a sell sheet spotlighting up to 10 items per page, and displays a store logo and information that can also be customized.  These can be useful for distributing to consumers in-store or via email to increase their awareness of specific titles, lines, merchandise items, themed sales & promotions, and more.
  • New Releases Widget — Customize and place these on your store's website or Facebook page to advise customers of the latest new weekly releases of comics, graphic novels and more.

Direct Ship

This term refers to expedited in-stock Orders or Reorders that are delivered directly to the retailer from Diamond's Olive Branch Hub, bypassing the local warehouse and separate from regularly scheduled weekly shipments. Except in certain circumstances, retailers are responsible for all additional freight charges applied to Direct Ship Reorders by the carrier. (Please Note: This service is only available to domestic Diamond customers.)

Direct Ship Reorders that are placed by 2:00 PM Eastern Time Monday – Friday will be set to ship from Diamond’s Olive Branch Hub the same business day.

Please Note: While same business day shipping is not guaranteed, Diamond will make every effort to ship all Direct Ship Reorders placed by these times on the same business day.

Direct Shipment Number

Also called a
Sub UCC number, this 20-digit number appears on your Packing Slip and Box Label and is essential in reporting problems with your shipment to Diamond. The number always appears on the label as 00000530050004XXXXXX. The Xs represent six digits that are unique to your order. When requested by your Diamond Retailer Services Representative to give your Sub UCC number, you would provide them with these six digits. This will enable your Rep to quickly research your order and resolve any problems with it.


The percentage of the cost of an item listed in PREVIEWS that defines your profit margin on Initial Orders, once deducted from the retail cost of the item (except for items solicited at a Net Cost, which are not affected). Discounts vary between types of items and vendors, but Diamond strives to offer the best possible Discount on all merchandise offered. See also: Discount Code, Discount Plateau, Reorder Discount and Standard Discount.

Discount information for Diamond’s U.K. customers varies significantly. Please contact Diamond Comic Distributors, U.K. for complete details.

Discount Code

A letter representing the maximum profit margin of an item listed in PREVIEWS, for Initial Orders, based on your individual Standard Discount. The various Discount Codes (shown below) are reprinted in each edition of your PREVIEWS Retailer Order Form; specific Discount Codes for each item are listed next to its price.

Diamond Discount Codes


70% for all accounts.



42.5% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


Standard Discount: Derived from the total retail value of your monthly PREVIEWS order, excluding those items with Discount Codes of “J” or “Z” (Net Cost).


40% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


52.5% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


35% for all accounts.

E & W

50% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


30% for all accounts.


50% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower; does not count toward Diamond Plateaus.


25% for all accounts.


45% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


35% for all accounts; prices do not count towards Diamond Discount Plateaus


47.5% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


40% for all accounts.


J & Z

Net Cost: Prices shown are wholesale costs. J-codes items do not count towards Diamond Discount Plateaus, while Z-code items do. Trading cards, collecting supplies, and other items are usually sold at this Discount, thereby allowing you to set your own retail prices.


In addition, publishers for whom Diamond acts as an Exclusive Sales Agent use individual sets of discount codes, which have been developed to correspond to each publisher’s special needs and products.

Dark Horse Discount Codes


Image Discount Codes


Marvel Discount Codes


Standard Dark Horse Discount


70% for all accounts


80% for all accounts.


Lower 52.5% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


Standard Discount


70% for all accounts.


50% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


40% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


Standard Discount


45% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


45% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


50% for all accounts.


42.5% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


Net Cost - Does not count towards Image Plateaus


5% Lower than Standard Discount.


40% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


40% for all accounts.


40% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


35% for all accounts.


Net Cost - Does count towards Image Plateaus


Net Cost - Does not count towards Marvel Plateaus.


Net Cost - Does not count towards Dark Horse Plateaus.



5% Greater than Standard Discount.


55% or 2 1/2% above Standard Discount, whichever is lower.


10% Greater than Standard Discount.


40% for all accounts.


55% or Standard Discount, whichever is lower.




Net Cost – Does count towards Marvel Plateaus.


Discount Plateau

The different levels which the retail total of your monthly order must reach in order for you to qualify for a specific Standard Discount. (Products sold by vendors for whom Diamond acts as an Exclusive Sales Agent count towards these plateaus, with the exception of Marvel Comics.)

Diamond’s Discount Plateaus are as follows:

Monthly Purchases

Standard Discount


Monthly Purchases

Standard Discount


















Please Note: Discount Plateaus vary between vendors for whom Diamond acts as an Exclusive Sales Agent. Please consult the most recent issue of the PREVIEWS Retailer Order Form for the most current information.

Distribution Center

One of Diamond’s strategically located facilities throughout the world that receives new product from vendors; pulls, packs and invoices your Initial Orders and Reorders; and processes Returns.

Olive Branch, MS Distribution Center
Used for: Authorized Returns (from Product Updates), Damage (ARS) Returns (if you are a pick-up customer), all centers Damage (ARS) Returns (if you are NOT a pick-up customer)

Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.
Olive Branch Distribution Ctr.
7485 Polk Lane
Olive Branch, MS 38654
 Executive Director of Operations- Shawn Hamrick
  Plattsburgh, NY Distribution Center
Used for: Damage (ARS) Returns (if you are a pick-up customer)

Diamond Comic Distributors, Inc.
Plattsburgh Distribution Ctr.
1560 Military Turnpike
Plattsburgh, NY 12901
Executive Director of Operations- Ed Briggs
  Diamond UK
Used for: All functions for Diamond U.K. customers

Diamond Comic Distributors
Canalside, Warrington Road,
Manor Park Industrial Estate,
Runcorn, Cheshire WA7 1SN
Tel: 01925 401400
Fax: 01925 401409
E-mail: orders@diamondcomics.co.uk

Drop Point

A third party company that Diamond has contracted to allow retailers from the surrounding area to pick up their weekly shipments. In the U.S., Diamond maintains Drop Points in: Baltimore, MD; Boston, MA; Chicago, IL; Dallas, TX; Denver, CO; and Los Angeles, CA. Canadian customers can pick up their shipments at Drop Ship Points located in: Calgary, Alberta; Edmonton, Alberta; Montreal, Quebec; Toronto, Ontario; Vancouver, British Columbia; and Winnipeg, Manitoba. Customers in Puerto Rico can pick up their shipments at the San Juan Drop Ship Point.

Dynamite Entertainment FOC List

A mass Vendor Email, scheduled for sending on Thursdays or Fridays by Diamond to retailers from Dynamite Entertainment, listing titles that are on Final Order Cut-off (FOC) the following Monday. Each week’s edition is accompanied by a text file containing a customized attachment reflecting Image titles that reflects quantities you have already ordered of the listed titles, when applicable, which helps guide you in adjusting your order before the cut-off. You can elect to receive or decline this mailing by visiting the Preferences page of the My Account section on Diamond’s Retailer Services Website.