Becoming a Customer

First, you will need to obtain a copy of our Account Application. You may:

  • Download a PDF version of the Account Application
  • Request a New Account Package to be sent to you via postal mail.

You may also obtain an Account Application by mail or fax by contacting a New Accounts Specialist in our Home Office Customer Service Department at (443) 318-8001.

Before you prepare for the next step, Documentation, you should also be familliar with Diamond's Terms of Sale and Premiere Vendor Terms of Sale.

In addition to your completed Account Application, you will need to submit documentation to verify that you are a qualfied retailer.

Specifically, we will need clear photocopies of:

  • a Photo ID (such as a driver's license) of the primary business owner
  • a business license, sales tax license, or other permit required by law to conduct business in your location. (Some jurisdictions may not require this documentation.)

We will also need:

  • Your complete mailing address. (For UPS purposes, please indicate if your mailing address is residential or commercial. If anyone lives at the address, it is considered residential.)
  • Your phone, cell phone, and fax numbers.
  • Your website address, if applicable. (Please Note: Companies doing business exclusively on the internet must have a registered domain name capable of accepting orders via credit card in order to open an account with Diamond.)

Once you have assembled these materials and completed your Account Application, you are ready to submit it to Diamond. After sending this information, please allow up to two weeks for delivery of the PREVIEWS Catalog Pack and related materials.

Now that you have completed your Account Application and prepared the required documentation, you can submit these materials in one of two ways:

By mailing them to our Home Office:

Diamond Comic Distributors
ATTN: New Accounts
10150 York Road, Suite 300
Hunt Valley, MD 21030

Or, by faxing them to our Home Office at 410-560-7148. PLEASE NOTE: If you elect the FAX option, please be sure to mail the original ink copy of your Account Application to us as soon as possible.

You may call our New Accounts department to follow up on your application by dialing 443-318-8001.

NEW RETAILERS: Please bear in mind that we solicit products in our PREVIEWS catalog two months before they ship. If you are opening a new store, we strongly recommend that you open your account with Diamond at least two months before your store opens so that you will have product to sell to your customers.

Shortly after we receive your materials, your Diamond Credit Analyst will contact you with your Diamond Account Number, which will enable you to begin ordering from Diamond.