About Selling Comics
A Short History of the Comic Book Specialty Market...
Once, comic books were sold solely in newsstands, drugstores, and other mass market locations. This made them available only sporadically, frustrating regular readers who wanted to keep up with their favorite titles on a monthly basis.

In the late 1970s, however, the minimal discounts and unpredictable nature of newsstand comics distribution gave way to a new method of distribution — one which offered retailers better discounts on comics they purchased on a non-returnable basis.

Since then, comics readership has grown dramatically, along with the range of comics-inspired or related products. Comic book dealers have evolved into full-scale entertainment retailers, offering customers a full spectrum of comic books, graphic novels, toys, models, games, trading cards, apparel, videos and more!

As a result, comic book specialty shops have flourished.
The Benefits of Selling Comics...
Whether you're a retailer who specializes in comics, or one looking to add them to your current product line, there are a number of good reasons for selling them:

  • Repeat business. Most comics are published on a monthly or bi-monthly schedule, and feature continuing storylines that will keep consumers returning on a regular basis to find out "what happens next."
  • Graphic novels. These bookshelf-ready editions offer self-contained stories, and appeal to both current fans and new readers. Unlike comics, they are usually kept in print, and therefore can be easily restocked. Because of their convenience and visual appeal, graphic novels are a rapidly growing product category.
  • All-ages appeal. Comics offer stories for every age group, from young readers just discovering Superman to older ones who remember his debut.
  • Something for everyone. In addition to superhero stories, comics offer a multitude of subjects for every taste: humor, sci-fi, horror, biography, and more!
  • High sales per square foot. Whether they occupy one spinner rack or an entire wall, comic books are an economical way to provide your customers with a lot of entertainment for a relatively small price.
  • Easy media tie-ins. Today more than ever, comics are serving as the inspiration for a number of television series and movie blockbusters. This provides you with extensive opportunities to promote your store in conjunction with local TV stations and theaters and turn thousands of moviegoers into customers.