Diamond Dictionary - E

E. Gerber Products, LLC

A line of archival-quality collecting supplies created by respected collector and author Ernst Gerber, who created the process and machinery for manufacturing Mylar® bags. Gerber’s products include a wide range of collecting supplies for comics, trading cards, magazines, newspapers, record albums and other collectibles. All are continually stocked and available to Comic Book Specialty Retailers through the PREVIEWS Backlist Service.


Like UPC and ISBN numbers, EAN-13 Numbers are unique codes used to identify retail products globally. The main difference between EAN-13 and UPC codes is that the number system code in UPC consists of a single digit from 0 through 9, while EAN-13 number system codes consist of two digits ranging from 00 through 99 (basically a country code). EAN are provided for customers who use Point-of-Sale (POS) systems (like Microsoft's Retail Management System) in their operations to input into their systems for inventory control, sales tracking and other purposes.

Estimated Ship Date

Dates listed in PREVIEWS, the PREVIEWS Retailer & Consumer Order Forms, ComicSuite, Diamond’s Retailer Services Website that give the vendor’s anticipated date for when a particular title/product will arrive in stores. The inclusion of this date in any listing does not guarantee that the title/product will ship on that date.

Exclusive Sales Agent

A distributor exclusively retained by a vendor to perform all functions related to the distribution of the vendor’s products to Comic Book Specialty Retailers, including: soliciting, processing, pulling, packing, and shipping orders; invoicing; credit; and collections. However, under this arrangement, the vendor establishes the prices and Terms of Sale under which retailers may purchase its product. (Previously, distributors purchased product from the vendor for resale to retailers under their own terms.) Such arrangements exist between Diamond and Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, and Marvel Comics.