Diamond Dictionary - G

Game Trade Magazine (GTM)

Billed as “The serious games magazine for serious gamers,” Game Trade Magazine is the most comprehensive and accessible monthly resource for the latest, up-to-the-minute product information, reviews, previews, product excerpts, exclusive scenarios, giveaways and collectible inserts in the world of games and hobby supplies.

Gem Awards

Diamond’s annual retailer-chosen awards for the industry’s best companies, products and services. The “Gemmies” (as they are affectionately called) are given to nominees in a variety of categories, including Comic Book, Graphic Novel, and Toy Line of the Year.

Gem of the Month

The items in each month’s issue of PREVIEWS that are considered the “Crème de la Crème” of the product offered by Diamond’s Premier Vendors. Chosen in conjunction with the Premier Vendors, these items receive extensive editorial coverage to attract maximum consumer attention, and/or generate the greatest sales potential for retailers.

Gemstone Publishing

Best known as the home of The Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide, this company was formed by Diamond President & CEO Steve Geppi as a conduit for his efforts to preserve and promote the history of the comic medium. In addition to the Guide, Gemstone currently offers publications such as The Big Big Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide and Hake's Price Guide to Character Toys. Gemstone also publishes Scoop, a free weekly e-newsletter which looks inside the world of pop culture with a focus on auctions, toys, comics, posters, art and anything and everything pop culture. The spotlight is on fun, while also offering informative insights into the beloved playthings of the past and how they have influenced our culture.

Genre Codes

These codes are included on product item lines on ComicSuite, the Master Data File, and other Diamond ordering tools and are available as search criteria on Reorders Online. By sorting your orders according to this code, you can effectively track your ordering and sales patterns for products in various genres.

Genre Code Description   Genre Code Description   Genre Code Description
AA Action/Adventure HS Historical RF Reference/Art Books/How To
AD Adult HT How to Draw RL Religious
AN Anthology HU Humor/Comedy RO Romance
AP Anthropomorphics KI Kids SF Science Fiction
AS Art Supplies LG Legend SH Super-hero
CJ Comics Journalism LT Literary SN Seasonal
CR Crime MA Manga SP Sports
DR Drama MS Mystery SU Surreal/Non-Linear
DT Designer Toys MU Music TY Toy Tie-In
FA Fantasy MV Movie/TV Tie-In WR War
GA Gaming/Role Playing PC Pop Culture WS Western
HA Halloween PK Pokémon XX *No Genre* or *All Genre*
HO Horror RB Reality-Based YA Yaoi

Geographically Remote Authorized Returns

This term is used by Diamond to designate International Customers who are located in a country other than the one in which their Distribution Center is located (this term does not apply to retailers based in the U.K.). To avoid incurring costly shipping charges when sending returnable product back to the Olive Branch Distribution Center before the Deadline for Returns given on the Authorized Returns Form and on weekly invoicing, these customers may utilize Diamond’s special Authorized Returns Policy for products from select vendors, each of which carries one of three designations on the Authorized Returns Form: “S” (designating products for which stripped covers only need to be returned); “F” (for full copies); and “D” (for product which must be destroyed). Geographically Remote customers may fax an Authorized Returns Form – with the quantities they plan to return or destroy of these products – to their Distribution Center before their published return deadline. Stripped covers and full copies may then be returned to the Olive Branch Distribution Center (with a copy of the faxed form, for written documentation) via surface mail, after which credit for the returns will be issued. In cases where product is to be destroyed, the form will act as the customer’s Affidavit of Destruction.

Geppi's Entertainment Museum (GEM)

Located at Camden Station in downtown Baltimore, Geppi’s Entertainment Museum (GEM) is the 17,000-square-foot repository of comics, books, playthings and advertising that shaped entertainment and defined America's national identity. Opened in the fall of 2006, it's the world’s largest showcase for over 200 years of comics, collectibles & pop culture, and a unique educational facility presenting thousands of incredible artifacts.

“Go Green”

By selecting this option via the Preferences page of the My Account section on Diamond’s Retailer Services Website, you may opt to receive your weekly invoice via email instead of as a printed document accompanying your shipment. This reduces the amount of paper used by Diamond and the amount of waste you need to dispose of once you’re finished with your invoice.