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Hake's Americana & Collectibles

The nation's premier pop culture collectible mail-, Internet- and phone-bid auction house, located in York, PA. Founded by renowned collecting authority Ted Hake in 1967, Hake's was purchased by Geppi’s Entertainment Auctions in 2004.

Halloween ComicFest

Comic shops around the world host this event allowing comic shops to celebrate all things spooky and scary, while providing customers with free comic books. Designed to establish comic shops as happening Halloween hot spots and reach new customers, Halloween ComicFest helps retailers and the entire industry springboard into the end of the year holiday selling season. Participating retailers distribute free comics while attracting many new customers in the process. The event regularly attracts considerable media attention from outlets worldwide, resulting in the equivalent of millions of dollars in free publicity for comics and comic shops.

In addition to serving as the administrator for HCF, Diamond also supports the event by providing participating retailers with a wealth of merchandise and tools to help them promote HCF in their communities. These include apparel items (T-shirts & polo shirts), posters, window clings, Shelf Talkers, temporary tattoos, stickers, buttons, and more. HCF retailers are also listed on the Store Locator of the event’s website, www.halloweeencomicfest.com and – if they are registered with the Comic Shop Locator Service– receive an FCBD Badge on their store profile. FCBD promotional tools can be downloaded from the Halloween Comic Fest page in the Diamond Tools section of the Retailer Services Website.

Halloween Mini-comics

Sized to fit easily in most shopping (or trick-or-treat) bags, ashcans are mini-comics that retailers can use as giveaways and bag-stuffers, or distribute in lieu of candy on Halloween night. They can also be sold to customers who want to distribute them to children in their own neighborhoods.

Header Card

A promotional tool designed for placement behind the issues stocked in a comic or magazine rack. The card is taller than the issues, and the exposed area contains graphics and/or text intended to draw consumers’ attention to the publication. Diamond and its vendors frequently create Header Cards to promote special themes (such as PREVIEWS’ annual How to Draw Month) or storylines. Header Cards dedicated to a particular event (such as DC’s Blackest Night or Marvel’s Fear Itself) can be especially useful in driving sales by alerting customers to separate titles that are included in that event. You can download a variety of colorful and useful Header Cards from the Shelf Talkers/Header Cards page in the Diamond Tools section of Diamond's Retailer Services Website.

Hero Initiative, The

Dedicated to helping comic book creators in need, The Hero Initiative assists creators who may need emergency medical aid, financial support for essentials of life, and an avenue back into paying work. It holds the distinction of being the first-ever federally chartered not-for-profit corporation, and, according to its website, has granted more than $400,000 to comic book veterans who have paved the way for today’s creators.

Holiday/Event Policy

A shipping policy where Diamond, in cooperation with its vendors, requires event-related/seasonal items to ship at least 21 days before the pertinent event or holiday (unless otherwise solicited in advance), otherwise those items will become fully returnable.

Holiday Sales Blizzard

Like its counterpart, the Summer Sales Sizzler, the Holiday Sales Blizzard offers huge savings on thousands of items from Diamond and selected vendors. Some items are offered at an extra discount, while others are available at a low Net Cost, usually with no reorder charge.

Home Office

Located in Hunt Valley, Maryland, Diamond’s corporate headquarters houses the Accounting, Finance, Credit, Marketing, Retailer Services, Sales, Order Processing and Purchasing Departments, along with various other personnel and divisions that support our Distribution Centers and our customers. The Home Office is also where Diamond Retailer Services Representatives provide  “One Call Does It All” service, acting as your main contact point for resolving any concerns, questions or issues that affect your Diamond account.


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