Diamond Dictionary - L, M

Late Fee

Initial Orders not submitted to Diamond by the required deadlines for PREVIEWS Retailer Order Forms, ComicSuite, the Master Data File, or Diamond’s Retailer Services Website, are considered Reorders and subject to a 3% Reorder fee on applicable items.

Late Payment Fee

A fee assessed to your Diamond account for outstanding Invoices that have not been paid within your Credit Terms. This fee is computed at 1.5% per month, or 18% per annum.

Liquidation List

A list published every Thursday on Diamond’s Retailer Services Website and in Diamond Daily that offers selected products at substantial savings. Each week's Liquidation List is comprised of products from one of two types – Print (comics, graphic novels, books, and magazines) or Merchandise (toys, collectibles, apparel, etc.) – offered in alternating weeks. Each item also has a color-coded liquidation level – level 1 (green) to level 6 (red) – depending on the pricing of the listed item. New items to the list are level 1 (green), and items at the lowest possible liquidation price — that are also about to drop off of the list entirely – are level 6 (red). Levels 2-5 are also visible so customers can easily tell how far along an item is within the liquidation process. Online, phone, fax and email reorders for that week’s lists are accepted – on a first-come, first-served basis – for approximately two weeks. Orders from customers in the Continental U.S. ship direct to their stores, with customers assuming all freight charges. International and Canadian customers – as well as customers in Hawaii, Alaska, & Puerto Rico – receive their orders via Reship. Retailers in the Continental U.S. can choose to Direct Ship Liquidation Orders direct to their stores or have them Reship with their regular weekly shipments. Please note that Liquidation items with Product Category Codes of 5 or higher (non-print items) are not eligible for subsidized 2-day Air Freight delivery to customers outside of UPS’ 3-day delivery zone from Diamond’s Olive Branch Distribution Center.


Pronounced “MAHN-gah,” this Japanese word for “comics” describes an internationally acclaimed and widely accepted form of distinctive graphic storytelling. Manga’s broad range of genres – which cover virtually everything and attract readers of all ages and lifestyles – often provides proponents of the American comics industry with a prime example of how the customer base for comics can be expanded far beyond its “kids only” stereotype. Also see Anime.

Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price (MSRP)

This information is included in the format line of PREVIEWS product solicitations – as well as on the PREVIEWS Consumer Order Form, and Diamond’s Retailer Services Website – to provide consumers with information that will encourage them to place orders for items once listed as Please Inquire (PI). This benefits you by eliminating numerous consumer questions about how much a “Please Inquire” item will cost. Unlike Suggested Retail Prices (SRPs), which are set by Diamond, MSRPs are set by the product’s vendor. Please Note: MSRPs and SRPs are not displayed for trading card products, some back issue comics, and special miscellaneous items, which lets you continue setting your own retail prices for these items, in accordance with the conditions of your markets.

Marvel Mailer

A mass Vendor Email, normally sent Thursdays by Diamond to retailers from Marvel Comics, describing upcoming products, current promotions, sales, specials, product updates and other timely news. Each week’s edition is accompanied by a text file containing a customized Final Order Cut-off (FOC) attachment reflecting titles from the vendor that are on FOC on the following Monday. The attachment reflects quantities you have already ordered of these titles, when applicable, which helps guide you in adjusting your order before the cut-off. You can elect to receive or decline this mailing by visiting the Preferences page in the My Account section on Diamond’s Retailer Services Website.

Marvel Previews

Marvel's monthly product catalog, which includes detailed descriptions of every Marvel product listed. This catalog is shipped out in equal quantities with your monthly order for PREVIEWS, and extras are available for order to sell or give away to your customers.

Master Buyers Guide

Alliance Game Distributors’
quarterly product catalog, geared toward retailers who carry or seek to carry games and related products in their stores.

Master Data File

Comprised of key data contained in ordering and inventory files, the Master Data File features all the fields necessary to build full title descriptions, databases, pull-and-hold subscription services, cycle sheets, sales reports and more in ComicSuite or other similar point-of-sale (POS) and inventory tracking systems. For a complete list of terms used on the Master Data File, please see the Key Guide to Diamond’s Master Data File at Diamond’s Retailer Services Website. (Please note that a valid log-in name and password are required.)

Master Data Change File

Posted on the Data Files page of Diamond’s Retailer Services Website every Wednesday at 11 a.m. ET -- the same time weekly New Release lists are available -- for items on sale the following Wednesday, this file contains the same column headers as the monthly Master Data File, with fields filled in only if there is a change to the data which originally appeared in the Master Data File. The file is particularly helpful for Point-of-Sale (POS) and website database users when a bar code, price, or other key piece of data has been changed. ComicSuite users will see a seamless upload of the changed data to their systems, via a weekly upload when needed.

Match To

This term refers to the rare case where orders are generated for unsolicited merchandise, based on quantities ordered of the previous issue. For example, if a vendor has solicited and published six issues of a title, and Diamond learns that the vendor will be publishing a seventh issue not solicited in PREVIEWS (or if the solicitation was inadvertently omitted from the catalog by Diamond), Diamond may generate purchase orders for issue #7 by matching them to orders placed for issue #6. These copies will either be made eligible for Order Adjustments before they ship or be eligible for Future Returns.

Mature (or Mature Readers)

A designation for those comics and other products which depict themes – political, religious, ethical, or otherwise – intended for Mature Readers. Examples of such comics can be found in DC Comics’ Vertigo line, which includes such popular Mature Readers titles as Hellblazer and Preacher. This designation accompanies such items on the PREVIEWS Order Form as an (MR) beside the title.


This term is used to describe solicited in PREVIEWS that are based on comics characters and/or related media of interest to comics fans. Categories of Merchandise offered in the catalog include Toys, Models, Prints & Posters and Miscellaneous items such as pen and pencil sets, collector plates, and other paraphernalia.

Must-Read Icon [!]

This “Exclamation Point” icon is found in the weekly Product Changes web and text files, and in the Item Changes column of Diamond’s Retailer Services Website’s Adjustable Items List, where it denotes that changes have occurred to titles on Final Order Cut-off for that week. The icon alerts customers to any news regarding changes and updates to products listed in the current month’s issue of PREVIEWS, often with regard to their salability and returnability. 

My Account

This menu option on Diamond’s Retailer Services Website contains a wealth of features designed to help you manage your Diamond account. Among those features: An overview of your account activity; the ability to view and search up to four weeks’ worth of Invoicing in both printer-friendly (TXT) and data-friendly (CSV) formats, and the ability to search all of your invoices for a specific item; your account history; your ordering history, including filled vs. unfilled items from your Initial Orders & Reorders for the month and year you select; Shipment Tracking; management tools for retailers with profiles on the Comic Shop Locator Service; Preferences for handling Diamond & vendor emails, Initial Order and Reorder options, and enrollment in Diamond’s Go Green program; and Packing Slips.

Mystery Shoppers

These anonymous individuals, contracted via an outside company by Diamond, monitor retailer compliance with the terms of the Day-Early Delivery Program. In addition to helping ensure that program participants do not place their Tuesday-delivered books out for sale until the Uniform Wednesday Release Date, Mystery Shoppers provide an overall assessment of the stores they monitor that can give retailers useful feedback on their businesses. Each time a Mystery Shopper visits a comic book store, that person submits a report to Diamond that includes information about the store’s location, general appearance, and customer service. Day-Early Delivery program participants can request a copy of the report on their own stores by contacting their Diamond Retailer Services Representative. Also known as Secret Shoppers®.