Diamond Dictionary - N

Net 7 (Net 14, etc.)

A specific Credit Term whereby you have a set number of days (i.e. for Net 7, you have seven days, for Net 14 you have 14 days, etc.) from the date printed on a particular week’s Weekly Invoice Recap (WIR) to submit payment to Diamond for all the Invoices included thereon. Payments not made within these terms are subject to a Late Fee of 1.5% per month, can cause further shipments of product to be held until any unpaid balance is received, and can cause your established Credit Terms to be revoked.

Net 7 Certified

A Credit Term similar to Net 7, with the added stipulation that any applicable invoicing must be paid for with certified funds such as a money order or bank-certified check.

Net Cost

Any item offered in PREVIEWS Retailer Order Form that has no applicable Discount, regardless of the quantity ordered on that specific product or a customer’s Standard Discount. These products carry a “J” or “Z” Discount Code and the notation “Net” on the Order Form, ComicSuite, the Master Data File, and other Diamond ordering tools. Any item in the Order Form which carries a Net Cost will display a Please Inquire (PI) designation in the catalog to inform your customers that the item is available (while allowing you to set your own retail price), along with a Suggested Retail Price (SRP) on items which are widely available (i.e., movie videos priced at sell-through). Items such as trading cards, collecting supplies, and retail fixtures are normally listed at a Net Cost. Such items do not count towards your Standard Discount.

New Account Representative

A Diamond representative who helps retailers open their business account with Diamond, provides assistance with completing an Account Application, and explains Diamond’s services and ordering procedures.

New to Diamond's PREVIEWS Backlist

This weekly Diamond Daily column that keeps you up-to-date on stock at Diamond’s PREVIEWS backlist hub, including the induction of new items and the deletion of low-selling or out-of-print items.

New Releases

A list that provides customers with a handy roster of comics, trade paperbacks, graphic novels, and other products that are shipping from Diamond Distribution Centers each week. The list can be accessed on Diamond’s Retailer Services Website and PREVIEWSWorld.com after 12 a.m. Eastern Time every Sunday, for items shipping on Wednesday.

This text file, located in the Data Files section of Diamond’s Retailer Services Website, lists the first issues and #0 issues of all comics solicited in a given issue of PREVIEWS. You can then communicate this information to your customers via store newsletters, online postings, and other means to generate interest in – and preorders for – these series.

New to Order

Diamond’s solicitations of new products every weekday, which gives you a chance to order new items immediately instead of waiting for an item to be in PREVIEWS. Each day’s New to Order items can be accessed via the Orders tab in the left-hand navigation menu of Diamond’s Retailer Services Website. Once accessed, each day’s offerings — which go live at 12 midnight each weekday — can be viewed in gallery or list format, and can be searched by a specific date or a date range. The Orders tab also displays a New to Order—Final Call option, which compiles all items for which orders are due the following Monday (the same weekly due date as Final Order Cut-off items). PREVIEWSworld.com also offers your customers access to New to Order and New to Order Final Call items in the same format. Retailers who subscribe to Diamond Daily receive an email each morning highlighting items from that day’s additions. A New to Order Master Data File and a handy Consumer Order Form to take orders from your customers can be downloaded via links at the top right of the page.

Note Price

A special designation listed next to an item’s price in PREVIEWS and in the PREVIEWS Retailer & Consumer Order Forms and ordering tools if the price has changed since the last time that item was offered in PREVIEWS (e.g., when the price of a monthly comic title increases between issues). These price changes usually occur when a new printing of a product is offered, or when a product is resolicited, so you can adjust your ordering accordingly and inform customers of the changes.