Diamond Dictionary - O

Offered Again (O/A)

This designates an item that has been previously solicited and released, but is being solicited again in PREVIEWS. Such items are noted in the PREVIEWS Retailer and Consumer Order Forms by the abbreviation (O/A) in the title line, and by the initials “OA” to the left of the Quantity line. PREVIEWS items that carry an “O/A” designation and a Estimated Ship Date on the PREVIEWS Order Form are in stock.

Olive Branch Distribution Center
7485 Polk Lane
Olive Branch, MS 38654
Contact: Shawn Hamrick (26hshawn@diamondcomics.com)

This refers to Diamond’s Distribution Center located in Olive Branch, MS. Also referred to as its Inventory Hub, Olive Branch is a 600,000 square foot facility that employs a state-of-the-art Warehouse Management System (WMS) to track inventory and to accurately receive, pull, pack, and ship customer orders, and to process Reorders for titles and items in Diamond’s vast backlist, which is housed here. Authorized Returns are also processed at this facility.

‘One-Call’ Retailer Service

Diamond’s single, centralized Retailer Services Department, located at its Home Office in Hunt Valley, MD. In addition to a wealth of self-service options and valuable information available from Diamond’s Retailer Services Website, Diamond customers may also utilize the Retailer Services phone number (443-318-8500), fax (443-318-8555) or email (Reorders@DiamondComics.com). Since its creation in 1997, customers have tapped this central resource to help them place Reorders, resolve shipping issues, answer questions about Diamond policies and procedures and more. “One-Call” service also includes several proactive initiatives, including: contacting and welcoming new Diamond customers; making outreach sales calls to point out any opportunities a customer may have missed; Technical Support; and assisting customers with online ordering; the “Order Check-Up” (OCU) program, to help retailers identify underordered and/or missed items from each month’s catalog; and merchandise suggestions to help customers stock up on hot products, New Releases and sale items.

Open Access Pledge

Diamond’s commitment to working with vendors to preserve open access to the marketplace for the widest possible variety of companies and products. That commitment includes showcasing Independent vendors in various PREVIEWS features, Diamond Daily and the Certified Cool program.

Order Adjustment Program

If a vendor’s product ships beyond the expiration date on its purchase order, or differs from what was solicited, the vendor has the option of canceling the product or allowing retailers to adjust their orders for it. If the vendor opts to allow Order Adjustments for the product – and it is a product you have ordered – Diamond will print a customized notice on your Order Status Report informing you that you have seven days to adjust your orders for the product, if you wish to do so. (Diamond U.K. customers should refer to the list of products that qualify for Order Adjustments that are made available for download from the Data Files page of Diamond's Retailer Services Website.) Once the deadline for Order Adjustments passes, our Order Processing Department will generate a new purchase order for the product that will reflect the adjusted orders.

Please Note: Order Adjustments may not apply to products whose solicitations in PREVIEWS are accompanied by Caution Disclaimers to account for variations in manufacturing, shipping, or other special circumstances. Also, items that qualify for Order Adjustments will not be returnable when they ship.

Order Adjustments

A download available from the Data Files page of Diamond's Retailer Services Website that lists products that qualify for Order Adjustments under Diamond’s Order Adjustment Program. The column also notes reasons for a product’s inclusion in the program, including “Lateness,” “Price Change,” “Content Change,” or special circumstances (such as when a vendor changes the maximum quantity a retailer may order of a product, or adjusts its print run). Items listed in this column are expected to ship to Diamond within 45 days of the adjustment deadlines stated on the Order Status Reports of retailers who ordered those products. After that 45-day period expires, the product becomes eligible for Order Adjustments again, or is cancelled. Items eligible for Order Adjustments are also listed on the FOC Weekly or FOC Monthly screens on Diamond's Retailer Services Website, where adjustments can be made online. They can also be transmitted via phone, email, or fax to your Diamond Retailer Services Representative.

Order Confirmation

An Order Confirmation details the status of each item placed on a specific order. After placing an order online, an Order Confirmation is automatically generated and sent to the email address Diamond has on file for your account. When placing an order via email or with a Retailer Services Representative, you may request to have an Order Confirmation emailed to you.

Order Increase

Any order for additional quantities of an item listed in PREVIEWS that is submitted to Diamond after Initial Orders have been processed but before the item’s Order Increase Cut-Off Date has passed. If you place an Order Increase prior to that date, you will receive Confirmation from a Retailer Services Representative, and will be virtually guaranteed of receiving your Order Increase from your Distribution Center with your Initial Orders.

Order Increase Cut-Off (OIC) Date

Specific dates – printed in each issue of the PREVIEWS Retailer Order Form next to items from vendors (such as BOOM! Entertainment, Dynamite Entertainment, etc.) – by which you can submit Order Increases to Diamond and be virtually guaranteed that the additional quantities will ship with your Initial Orders. It differs from the Final Order Cut-Off (FOC) Date in that you may not decrease or cancel your orders for OIC-dated items. Please be advised that the specific dates OICs are due will always be by 11:45 p.m. Eastern Time.

Order Number

A unique number assigned to every order you place with Diamond, whether via the PREVIEWS Retailer Order Form, Diamond's Retailer Services Website, ComicSuite or traditional reorder. This number appears beside every item that appears on an Invoice. See also Purchase Order Number.

Order Status Report

This report, generated as part of your weekly Invoice, lists all items you have reordered – but not yet received – since your last Invoice was generated. The report lists the Order Number, quantity, Item Code, title and Order Status Category (whether it is a Confirmed Extra, Order Increase, Unconfirmed Order or Back Order) for each item. The report also lists cancelled Initial Orders and cancelled Back Orders for the week, along with a numerically coded reason explaining the cancellation of each. The codes are as follows:

1 Lateness (under Diamond’s 30-day Cancellation Policy)   15 Vendor Does Not Process Reorders
2 Will Resolicit 16 Reinstated Order (Denotes an order for a product that had been cancelled, but will now be filled in the quantity originally ordered.)
3 Cancelled by Diamond 17 Vendor Never Shipped
4 Cancelled by Vendor 18 International Restriction (Indicating that Diamond is unable to send an item to the country where the customer is located.)
5 Out of Stock 19 Balance Cancelled (Indicates that a customer who has received a portion of their order for an allocated product will not be receiving the balance of their order.)
6 No More Available (Indicates that there the item is no longer available from the vendor.) 20 UK Only Item (The item is available only to customers serviced by Diamond U.K.)
7 Supplier Increments Too High (Indicates that Diamond has not received sufficient Reorders to meet a vendor’s established Reorder Increment.) 21 Expired Back Order (The period in which a customer’s Back Order remains active has expired.)
8 Resolicited Item 22 No longer used
9 Series Cancelled 23 Quantity Allocated (Back Order Available)
10 Vendor Out of Business 25 Orders moved to new printing code. (Parent code)
11 Promo Item (Denotes a promotional item for which a customer has placed a Reorder, but which is not available for Reorder.) 26 Direct Ship Not Available
12 Allocated Initial Order (No Reorders available.) 27 Not Avail - CS
13 No longer used 28 Low Sales
14 Limited Item (No Reorders available.) 29 Incentive Qualifier Adjustment


Order Type

A numerical designation found in the “T” column of Invoices generated by Diamond which shows the type of order (other than an Initial Order) which you have placed:


Whenever Diamond cannot obtain additional quantities of a specific product from the vendor to fill additional orders, the item is announced via a file available for download from Data Files page of Diamond's Retailer Services Website. Please Note: An item that is out-of-print from the vendor may still be available in limited quantities from Diamond’s stock. Such availability will also be noted in the listing. In these cases, Reorders may still be filled, depending on stock levels at each Distribution Center.

Out of Stock

When Diamond currently has no quantities of an item on hand, it is considered Out of Stock. In such cases, you still have the option of placing a Back Order for the item, which Diamond will, in turn, place with the vendor if Diamond's Purchase Order minimum is met.

Outside Sales Manager

A member of Diamond’s Sales Department who visits or calls customers in a specific area of the U.S. or Canada to discuss marketing strategies and promotions, distribute sales literature, answer questions related to products or services, and otherwise serve customers as another personal link to Diamond.


Any quantity of a product in your shipment that exceeds the amount specified. It may, or may not, be reflected on your weekly Invoice, meaning that your account may be charged for additional quantities you did not order. You should report any Overages to your Retailer Services/Inside Sales Rep immediately and return them to the Olive Branch Distribution Center as soon as possible, using the UPS A.R.S. Label and Overage Return Form Diamond provides separately. If you do not receive an Overage Return Form and/or A.R.S. Label, please contact your Retailer Services Representative.

Overship Program

A Diamond service that allows you to sign up to receive additional quantities of selected titles to sell in your stores at no risk, and return any unsold copies at no cost. (Overship program participants are responsible only for the cost of shipping returned unsold quantities.) The program provides vendors with a means to get more product into the marketplace, and enables you to test consumer demand for those products. You can choose the vendors from which you want to accept overshipments, the product lines you want overshipped to you, and whether you want to receive all product included in the program, or only that which you initially ordered from PREVIEWS. Your weekly Order Status Report conveniently lists your overship titles, quantities, and due dates for returning product. You need only keep the overshipped merchandise on sale for a period of three to six weeks after receipt, pay only for the copies you’ve sold within two weeks, and return any unsold quantities just once per month.  Return dates for overshipped merchandise are listed on the Authorized Returns Form.