Diamond Dictionary - Q, R

Quick Collect

A payment service created by Western Union that allows you to transmit immediately funds to Diamond from any of 19,000 Western Union locations in the U.S. and Canada. You can take cash to your local Western Union office and, within minutes, a check drawn on Western Union will print in Diamond’s Home Office Credit Department in Hunt Valley, Maryland.


Any item that you request after Initial Orders on that item have shipped. A Reorder will be confirmed and shipped if there is stock available. Otherwise, you will be given the option of placing the items on Back Order. Direct Ship Reorders placed before 2:00 p.m. Eastern Time ship from Diamond’s Olive Branch inventory hub the same day. Reship reorders placed via Diamond’s Plattsburgh Distribution Center by 5:00 p.m. ET on Thursday, or with Diamond’s Olive Branch Distribution Center by 6:00 p.m. ET on Thursday will arrive in shipments two weeks later. (e.g., If you placed a reship reorder by the cutoff time on Thursday, August 4, you would receive it with your shipment on Wednesday, August 17.) You can easily place reorders online from the Reorders page of the Orders section on Diamond'sRetailer Services Website, or via your Diamond Retailer Services Representative.

Reorder Discount

The Discount for any item not placed as an Initial Order is normally 3% lower than the Standard Discount available to you on that specific item, down to a minimum of 40% off. This Discount applies to all Order Increases, Advance Reorders, Reorders and Backorders, with the exception of any items with a Net Cost. Reorder Discounts are set by Diamond on the second week following the deadline for submitting your order via Diamond’s Retailer Services Website. Please Note: The 3% Reorder fee is not charged on reorders placed for product from Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics, Image Comics, or Marvel Comics.

Reorder Increment

A data field on the Item Detail Page of Diamond's Retailer Services Website and the PREVIEWS Master Data Files denoting the quantity Diamond needs from all retailers to reorder a specific title or product from a vendor. You are not required to place Reorders in these increments; this is simply the minimum amount which Diamond must have to place a purchase order with a vendor. The increment is calculated each week by each Distribution Center.

Reorder Label

In addition to the normal information included on a standard Shipping Label (account name & number, location, group and bar code data), this label also includes the word “Reorder” for Reship Reorders (for category 1-5 products) confirmed from PREVIEWS Backlist inventory. The Reorder Label makes it easier for retailers to differentiate between regular shipments and reorders, making it simpler for stores to sort, separate and process shipments.


Short for Retailer Services or Inside Sales Representative.


In the event that Damages or Shortages occur in a shipment, Diamond will replace them and will include them in your next available shipment, provided you report these Damages or Shortages within 24 hours of receipt to your Retailer Services Representative, and Replacement Copies are available. Please Note: Diamond reserves the right to deny replacements or credits for Shortages and Damages that are reported more than 24 hours after receipt of shipment.

Replacement Copies are documented in the body of your subsequent week’s Invoice. Initially, Diamond will credit your account for the cost of the item, and then try to locate Replacement Copies from other Diamond facilities, or from the vendor. Once a Replacement Copy has been secured and shipped, you will then be invoiced for that copy of the product.

The cut-off for reporting Shortages and Damages in time to obtain timely replacements varies by Distribution Center.

• If you are serviced by the Plattsburgh Distribution Center, Shortages and Damages reported before 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday will appear on invoices and replacements will arrive with the following week’s regular shipment.  i.e., If you report Shortages and Damages by this cut-off, you will receive replacements the following Tuesday (if you receive Day-Early Delivery) or Wednesday. Items reported after this time will appear on invoices and replacements will arrive the week after next.  i.e., If you receive your shipment, and report your Shortages and Damages, on Wednesday, March 2, your replacements will arrive in your March 16 on-sale shipment, and be invoiced that week.

• If you are serviced by the Olive Branch Distribution Center, Shortages and Damages reported to Olive Branch before 9:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday you will receive replacements with your regular weekly shipment arriving the week after next. Please note that customers serviced via UPS’ Salt Lake City hub who report Shortages and Damages before 6:00 p.m. Eastern Time on Tuesday will receive replacements in a separate UPS shipment, freight free, and be invoiced the next week.

Expedited Shortage and Damage replacements are available in emergency situations; please contact your Diamond Retailer Services Representative for details. Note that customers receiving Day-Early Delivery must report Shortages and Damages by close of business Wednesday to be considered for next-day or two-day emergency replacements.


Any subsequent printing of a book or comic. The term, in the past, often had a derogatory implication to comic collectors since a second printing was sometimes normally considered to have a lesser value than a first printing. However, as subsequent printings have become more common in the marketplace – to meet prolonged sales demand – the industry has developed a variety of ways to distinguish between printings including cover variations, new cover art, and – depending on how long an item has been out of print – a new cover price. Diamond frequently offers subsequent printings of specific comic books in New to Order so you can order and receive more copies of a book while demand is high. Publishers typically order lower print runs for later printings, making them sought-after by dedicated collectors.

Resale Certificate

A document which all prospective Diamond customers are required to submit to Diamond’s Home Office Retailer Services & Sales Department before they can order product. In signing the Resale Certificate, the customer affirms that the product they purchase from Diamond is being purchased strictly for retail sale and not for personal use.


This term is used for shipping of product from Diamond's Olive Branch Inventory Hub to local Distribution Centers for inclusion with the next weekly shipment. Reship reorders that are placed before the cut-off times shown below will ship with new releases in two weeks:

Distribution Center
Servicing Your Account

Your Reship Reorder
Cut-off Time

*Olive Branch

Thursday by 9:00 p.m. ET


Thursday 5:00 p.m. ET

*Please Note: Applies to most category 1-4 inventory stocked at Diamond’s Olive Branch hub (for reorders to arrive with regular weekly shipments the week after next).

Resolicitation (RES)

A new listing for a product that was previously solicited in PREVIEWS or New to Order, and which is being listed anew since the original Solicitation was cancelled either by the vendor or by Diamond. Whenever an item is Resolicited, all previous orders – including Order Increases, Advance Reorders and Reorders are cancelled. Such items are designated in PREVIEWS by the abbreviation (RES).

Retailer Expansion Program

One of Diamond's ongoing efforts to grow the comic book specialty market is via this initiative to encourage existing retailers to open new locations and/or relocate their current stores to larger, higher traffic locations.  Archie Comic Publications, BOOM! Studios, Dark Horse Comics, DC Entertainment, Diamond Select Toys, Dynamite Entertainment, IDW Publishing, Image Comics and Marvel Comics all provide incentives to qualifying retailers. Programs initially offered to qualifying retailers vary by supplier, but will include:

  • Increased discounts of up to 69% off orders of backlist products from Diamond and participating publishers and manufacturers;

  • Backlist consignment programs, allowing retailers to fully stock their stores with graphic novels, trade paperbacks and other pop-culture merchandise with extended payment terms and the ability to adjust stock levels after 6 months;

  • Increased discounts and/or consignment billing on a new store’s initial orders of comics for its first two months of operation, with consignment billing deferred until retailers have the opportunity to  return overstocked product after keeping it on sale for a period of 6-12 weeks; and

  • Store Starter Kits, offering selections of free trade paperbacks and graphic novels from participating publishers that showcase the vast breadth and depth of comic stories that retailers can use to attract any audience into their stores.

Under the programs, Diamond provide professional advice and in-depth instruction on Diamond’s systems from Powell and a team of Diamond personnel.

Retailer Management Hero (RMH)

Retail Hero's Retailer Management Hero is a powerful software package offering a Point-of-Sale (POS) program that’s adaptable to meet unique retail requirements, including those of specialty market retailers. Diamond's ComicSuite is a customized, add-on package of software options that integrates fully with RMH to create a POS system geared specifically for the specialty market retailer, offering all the great functions of RMH and designed from the ground up to interface with Diamond’s product information and item code structure, a feature that facilitates both initial orders and reorders through a Web-based interface.

Retailer Services Representative (Rep)

A member of the Home Office Retailer Services Department who is assigned to act as your personal link with Diamond. Your Rep is assigned a limited number of Diamond accounts to ensure prompt, one-to-one attention to your Reorders, and concerns or questions about your shipment or Diamond services. Retailer Services Reps can be reached at the Home Office by phone at (443) 318-8500, by fax at (410) 683-7084, by direct email or by email at service@diamondcomics.com.

Retailer Services Website

A comprehensive online resource that allows Diamond customers with a valid account and password to: place reorders and initial orders; download their current invoices; employ versatile & expansive search capabilities; read Diamond Daily; download important files such as text and PDF documents; download the monthly text files for PREVIEWS, PREVIEWS Adult and their associated Order Forms; check out In-Stock lists; track UPS shipments directly from the site (which provides tracking numbers and access to UPS’s tracking capabilities); manage email preferences; and more. Retailers serviced through Diamond U.K. can also access the area to obtain U.K.-specific information and retailing tools. Users can also upload their PREVIEWS Initial Orders, Final Orders, Order Increases, and Reorders via the Website. Retailers can also view their order history for individual items when placing orders on the Initial Order, Reorder, Promo and Final Order Cut-off pages of the website.

Retailer Summits

Organized by Diamond and Alliance Game Distributors, the annual Retailer Summits provide comics and gaming specialty shop owners from across the country the opportunity to meet and interact with their fellow retailers, top industry vendors, and Diamond and Alliance personnel. In addition to an Exhibit Hall, Summits also offer retailers a host of unique opportunities to gather information and share their thoughts, through presentations by sponsoring vendors, retailing workshops, fellowship and more. Schedules, events, and other updated information about each Summit can be found at the Summits website.