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Scratch & Dent Assortment

These assortments, specially created by Diamond, contain toys, trading cards, graphic novels, games, and many other products that are in salable condition but have minor Damage to their packaging. Scratch & Dent Assortments are priced at a Net Cost well below the total retail cost of the products they contain, thus enabling you to realize a substantial profit. These assortments are offered several times a year, depending upon the availability of stock.

Secret Shopper®

See Mystery Shopper.


This term, when applied to toy products, describes an assortment that contains a group of brand new, totally different figures that are unique to that assortment. In other words, a Series I assortment of Star Wars figures might contain Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and Princess Leia, while a Series 2 assortment would contain completely different figures, such as Chewbacca, C-3PO and Obi-Wan Kenobi.

Series Code

This is a numerical designation that Diamond assigns to an ongoing series of books. Series Code data is provided in ComicSuite to help retailers standardize their orders for a given series, or to track sales patterns. It is also helpful for retailers who run subscription, or pull-and-hold, services and in tracking customers’ monthly orders. Series Code changes are listed in the Product Updates column of Diamond Daily, and are updated monthly on the Data Files page in the Downloads secton of Diamond's Retailer Services Website.

Shelf Talker

A printed card or sign that you can attach to a shelf in your store in order to draw the attention of consumers to a title or item displayed on that shelf. Diamond provides a number of decorative and useful Shelf Talkers for download as PDFs from the Diamond Tools Page of Diamond's Retailer Services Website.

Shipping Label

The label affixed to packages containing regular orders and certain reorders. Information included on this label includes the account name & number, location and group, as well as bar code data used by the shipper. See also Reorder Label.

Shipping Update

A column available for download from Data Files page of Diamond's Retailer Services Website that advises you of revised ship dates for various products. The title, Item Code, original ship date and new ship date are listed for each product.

Shopping List

Diamond’s Retailer Services Website includes an option to "shop" directly from Diamond Daily articles, and other places in the site. This feature allows you to build a Reorder file and upload it at a later time. Each time you add an item to your Shopping List, you can select its shipping and backorder preference. A list of everything in your Shopping List is provided each time you add an item. You can review your list at any time by clicking the Shopping List link on the upper right corner of the screen.

Items in your Shopping List are not reserved for you from inventory, therefore, you may add an item that appears as in-stock by its Item Status indicator, but when you actually convert the order, may have sold out. If you are concerned that an item will sell out before you convert your Shopping List order, you should remove it from your Shopping List and place it as a Reorder. You can add items to your Shopping List by searching for products in the Item Search section.

You can convert your Shopping List to a reorder by pressing the button on the Shopping List review window, and with the Convert Shopping List utility of the website’s Reorders section.


Refers to any item that is listed on an Invoice, but is not in the shipment. Any such omission should be reported to your Retailer Services/Inside Sales Rep within 24 hours after you receive the shipment, so that the missing item can be located and/or replaced. Please Note: Diamond reserves the right to deny replacements or credits for Shortages and Damages that are reported more than 24 hours after receipt of shipment. Replacement Copies will be shipped in the next available shipment, and documented on your corresponding Invoice. If all possible resources to find a Replacement Copy have been exhausted, a Credit Memo for the missing item will be issued. Please see the entry for Replacements for additional details about reporting Shortages.


The offering of any product for sale in PREVIEWS, New to Order, or any other Diamond publication.

Specialty Catalog

A Diamond publication, such as the Holiday Gift Guide, PREVIEWS Backlist Catalog and ToyChest, designed to showcase popular backlist products of interest to fans of a particular genre.

Spotlight On

A designation used in PREVIEWS to highlight items that have special elements of potential interest to collectors and fans. Elements that will draw a Spotlight include cover enhancements, cover and/or interior art by a popular artist, or an issue that is crucial to a storyline (such as the first issue of a new series or the debut of a new character).

Standard Discount

The Standard Discount is the maximum Discount you can receive on a given product based on Item Codes listed each month in the front section of your PREVIEWS Retailer Order Form. The Standard Discount established for qualifying items on any given Order Form will be in effect for all items from that particular Order Form, regardless of when the product ships, since the Discount is tied to the Item Codes from your specific Order Form. In addition, your Reorder Discount is based on your Standard Discount. For detailed information on how your Standard Discount is calculated, please refer to the “Discount Plateaus & Discount Codes” page in the monthly PREVIEWS Retailer Order Form.

Stock Number

The Stock Number is an item identifier used by Diamond, akin to a Stock Keeping Unit (SKU). Each item in Diamond’s system is assigned a unique Stock Number, which does not change even if the item is Resolicited, Offered Again or assigned a new Diamond Item Code Number.

'Stocked to the Max'

A program which helps new stores stock up on a wide range of products at a considerable discount. Details on this start-up assistance program are available from Diamond's New Account & Retailer Services Representatives.

Street Date

A release date on which a product may be sold. Street Dates are generally agreed upon and adhered to by vendors, distributors, and retailers to ensure fair competition. In the comic industry, this is also known as the Uniform Wednesday Release Date for comics and related merchandise, and is the day when Diamond delivers product to the majority of its customers. Retailers who receive their weekly shipments on Tuesdays through Diamond’s Day-Early Delivery program must agree not to sell product from that shipment until Wednesday, or face possible suspension of day-early shipments.


The practice whereby a Comic Book Specialty Retailer purchases product with the intent to re-sell it to other retailers. Diamond does not prohibit its customers from engaging in Sub-Distribution, but will not sell to any business in North America that sells only to other retailers. (Sub-distribution policies vary between those vendors whom Diamond represents as an Exclusive Sales Agent.)

Suggested Retail Price (SRP)

This information is included in the format line of PREVIEWS product solicitations – as well as on the PREVIEWS Consumer Order Form and Diamond’s Retailer Services Websiteto provide consumers with information that will encourage them to place orders for items once listed as Please Inquire (PI). This benefits you by eliminating numerous consumer questions about how much a “Please Inquire” item will cost. Unlike Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Prices (MSRPs), which are set by the vendor, SRPs are set by Diamond (usually at about 40% above wholesale price).

Please Note: MSRPs and SRPs are not displayed for trading card products, some back issue comics and special miscellaneous items, so you can continue setting your own retail prices for these items, in accordance with your market's conditions.

Summer Sales Sizzler

Like its counterpart, the Holiday Sales Blizzard, the Summer Sizzler offers huge savings on thousands of items from Diamond and selected vendors. Some items are offered at an extra discount, while others are available at a low net price, usually with no reorder charge.


A term used interchangeably with Vendor by Diamond.

Supply Order

Any request for comic and card collector supplies placed online or phoned, faxed or mailed to your Retailer Services/Inside Sales Rep. Since all collecting supplies are billed at a Net Cost, Discounts do not affect the prices. However, Diamond does offer price breaks on large quantity orders of the same item.