Diamond Dictionary - U

Ultra Pro Comic Supplies

A line of archival comic sheets, comic sleeves, trading card sheets, binders, and other collector supplies manufactured by Rembrandt Supplies. The various styles of sheets and sleeves are made of a strong poly material that contains no PVCs (which can be detrimental to comics, trading cards and other collectibles).

Unconfirmed Advance

If you place an Advance Reorder that cannot be immediately confirmed because Diamond does not have enough extra copies currently on order with the vendor, you still have the option of placing the order as an Unconfirmed Advance. Should Diamond receive verification from the vendor that more copies can be acquired, then Diamond can fill your Advance, and Confirmation of that order will appear on the Order Status Report that is included with your weekly invoicing.

Unconfirmed Order

A term denoting an Advance Reorder for any item which Diamond does not yet have extras confirmed with vendors.

Uniform Wednesday Release Date

In cooperation with its exclusive vendors and the major comics printers, Diamond is able to release books to the vast majority of our customers every Wednesday. (Customers registered with Diamond's Day-Early Delivery program receive their weekly shipments on Tuesday for sale on the Uniform Wednesday Release Date.) This gives Distribution Center personnel sufficient time to pick up a shipment from the printers, then pull, check, and pack your shipment for accuracy.


12-digit Universal Product Codes (UPC) are provided for customers who use Point-of-Sale (POS) systems (like Microsoft's Retail Management System) in their operations to input into their systems for inventory control, sales tracking and other purposes. All items distributed through Diamond are now required to carry a unique UPC, ISBN or EAN (POS customers can download the codes directly from the disk file into their systems.) UPC codes are also assigned to all Diamond consumer publications.

Upcoming Releases

Posted each Wednesday on Diamond Daily and PREVIEWSWorld.com, this information is actually conveyed in two lists: Upcoming Releases (for titles shipping one week later) and Upcoming Releases: In Two Weeks (for titles shipping later). Both lists are also available to retailers as text files via the Data Files page of Diamond’s Retailer Services Website. The Upcoming Releases list is available to consumers via PREVIEWSWorld.com in PDF and text formats, while lists of Upcoming Releases in Two Weeks are available in text format only from the website. The lists are intended as guidelines only, as ship dates are tentative and subject to change.

Upper Management Team

Diamond’s President (founder Steve Geppi) and Vice Presidents, who oversee all the operational, financial, purchasing and marketing functions of the company. Each member supervises several departments or facilities of Diamond and works to continually design and develop new services to aid your business.

UPS (United Parcel Service)

The carrier Diamond uses for all of its shipments to retailers, including weekly shipments, Direct Ship Reorders, Next Day and Second-Day deliveries, as well as emergency replacements.

UPS Ground Trac

A service provided to Diamond’s domestic U.S. customers by UPS at no charge, which provides upgraded ground tracking of shipments. Every package that passes through a UPS facility is bar coded and scanned as it makes its way through the system, thereby making it easier for UPS to track a shipment in the event it becomes lost. In the event that they are missing part of their shipment, customers should retain the boxes and UPS shipping tags of the shipments they have received until they have checked in all of their shipments for a given week.

UPS Hold for Pick-Up

UPS maintains over 1,000 customer pick-up points across the U.S. and Canada. If you choose, you can pick up your weekly shipments at UPS each Wednesday, rather than having it delivered or coming to your Distribution Center. Every UPS pick-up point is open by 9:00 a.m., and many are open earlier. This enables you to control when you receive your shipments, meaning that you don’t have to wait for UPS to deliver it. To find the UPS Pick-Up Point nearest you, and its hours of operation, call UPS at (800) PICK-UPS (742-5877). Please Note: There may be a UPS charge for this service.

UPS Next Day Delivery

A delivery option which guarantees that packages that are brought to a UPS facility or placed in a UPS box before its final pick-up will be delivered by 10:30 a.m. the following day.