Diamond Dictionary - V, W, X, Y, Z


A different edition of a title that contains a cover image or other content not found in its original edition. For example, a comic is published with a cover by Artist X, but the publisher offers a variant featuring a special cover image by Artist Y as well. Variants can be offered alongside regular editions at  regular pricing when a title is solicited, or as an Incentive to encourage retailer orders of the regular edition. For example, a publisher may offer the retailer an opportunity to receive or purchase one variant edition of a book for every five regular copies ordered of that book.


Diamond's term to denote the publishers and manufacturers it does business with. See also Supplier.

Vendor Emails

Mass emails (such as BOOM! Studios FOC List Dark Horse Dispatch, DC Direct Channel, Dynamite Entertainment FOC List, IDW Insider, Image FOC List, Marvel Mailer and others), sent weekly or as needed to retailers by Diamond on behalf of vendors, describing upcoming products, current promotions, sales, specials and other timely news. Weekly Premier mass emails are accompanied by text attachments containing customized Final Order Cut-off (FOC) Lists. Retailers will only receive Vendor Emails after electing to do so via the Preferences page of the My Account section on Diamond’s Retailer Services Website.

Vendor Services Area

This password-protected Diamond website provides current and potential vendors with resources and information designed to make distributing their products through Diamond a positive and profitable experience.

Warehouse Management System (WMS)

WMS is innovative technology that complements Diamond's data systems and handles most warehouse functions. WMS also includes radio frequency (“RF”) scanners, voice-directed picking equipment, automated conveyers & chutes and more – all of which puts Diamond on the cutting edge of distribution, improving receiving, inventory counts and order-picking efficiencies.


This term, when applied to toys, describes an assortment that contains a mix of brand new and previously released figures. Many toy vendors ship their product in Waves because they tend to make ongoing changes to the figures in an assortment, and this method allows them to release the updated figure in a timely manner. Diamond tries to work closely with toy vendors to ensure that there are at least three new figures in an assortment before allowing a vendor to ship its latest wave of figures to Diamond.

Weekly Invoice Recap (WIR)

The sheet that lists and totals the various Invoice line items and Credits from your weekly shipment, provides you with a final total due, and indicates when – according to your specific Credit Terms – your payment is due. In addition to the normal Invoices generated at the Distribution Center, a specific WIR may also include an Invoice total from your latest order from the PREVIEWS Backlist Service or Co-Op Advertising credit, whenever applicable. You should list Invoice numbers on your check or money order and make the appropriate payment to your Distribution Center by the date indicated to ensure that each payment is accurately recorded on your account. The WIR also lists a detailed breakdown of freight charged for weekly shipments and Direct Ship Reorders, as well as the amount of any freight credits your account has accrued.